We’ll All Be There!

The Penticton Farmers Market is relocating to make way for construction in the 100 block Main Street.
So, from this Saturday, September 10 to Saturday, October 29 you can find us in the 500 and 600 blocks of Main Street in Penticton. The market will open be 8:30am to 1pm as usual.
We’ll All be there!!!! Don’t worry, we’ll be back in our usual spot next spring!
For more information on this and the upcoming winter market check out Penticton Famers Market!

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2 responses to “We’ll All Be There!

  • Butch Coultry

    How are you folks? Are you off to Mexico again this winter? I hope to be able to join Mike in San Jose on the Baja for a couple of months. L’wren, our daughter , had a beautiful little girl named Franzeska Rose and is now called Frankie after our dear Mom. Now 13 months old and is showing a lot of traits from Shar. Do you know who we can get a copy of her slide show from her Celebration? Thanks, Butch


    • morrisholmes

      Hey Butch. Great to hear from and we’ll be thinking of you as we stay home for this winter. If Frankie is anything thing like Shar she is a wonderful one of a kind. Not sure who to contact for the slide show unless maybe Dale.


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