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Things We Get Asked About: Wood-Fired Oven Bakery

Considering the variety of stuff that is produced from the bakery wood-fired oven; sough dough bread, pizzas, pastries, complete meals for not-so-long table gatherings, and the Original Garlic Scape Salt, we get asked a variety of questions about it. So here are answers to the top four most often asked questions about our wood-fired oven bakery.

1/ Did you build the oven?

No. As far as we can tell the oven was installed around 2007 as part of a wood-fired brick bake oven workshop led by renowned oven master Alan Scott.


To our knowledge, the oven is one of two commercial ovens of this size in North America to be installed personally by Mr. Scott.

2/ How big is the oven?

Big. The biggest Alan Scott oven design out there. Measuring approximately six by eight feet (50ish square feet or about 4.5 square metres) the oven chamber is about as large a wood-fired oven can be and still be practical.


The oven can accommodate over 70 x 700-gram loaves when you know how to load it.

3/ How do you load the oven?

With a peel and aplomb. The peel (resembling a long, exaggerated paddle) is large enough to accommodate four loaves and long enough, ten feet give or take, to reach the back of the oven.


Farmersdotter first sprinkles cornmeal on the peel which allows the bread to roll off easier. Then three or four loaves of bread are placed onto the peel, scored with a lame, then with a precise thrust the loaves are positioned in the oven rank and file like crusty soldiers. Rinse and repeat twenty or so times until the oven is full of wonderful naturally fermented bread.

4/ How do you build the fire for the oven?

The oven chamber ostensibly is the fireplace.


For each firing, we use approximately one-quarter (30ish cubic feet) of a cord of wood to get the oven to temperature. Once the fuel has been exhausted the coals and ash are raked out and deposited into an enclosed ash pit directly below the chimney. The oven then is swept a few times with a homemade wet mop to clean the brick floor in order to accept the bread.


As a pizza oven, we retain some coals in the chamber which develops an ideal pizza crust.




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  1. Hi! Greetings from all the Coultry clan—hope you are both well! We try and try but cannot get any connection with Dale—do you hear from him at all? We are really trying to get a copy of the CD that was used for Shar’s Celebration of life and any pictures or videos that were taken but have had no luck. Our goal is to get them for our 4 grandkids who always hear of Auntie Shar! Any leads you can give us would really be appreciated!!! We have yet to drive out to the coast but when we do we will be stopping by to see the farm which looks so interesting! Who was the ex-mayor and fire chief and do you have any contact for him?

    Mike still spends 6 of the winter months down in the Baja at San Jose and I am here for 2 months and will go home in April and basically wind down my real estate practice. Hard to believe I just turned 71 and have been cancer free for over 4 years—life is good. Hope to get some leads from you. Thanks so much! Butch

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  2. Morris & Yvonne,
    Am traveling away from home but received message that the boxes from Tasmania will ship shortly. Presumably to arrive your location end of May/early June. I will alert you detail when I know more. Still figure to come get them soon thereafter.

    Didn’t have your contract info on this trip, so hope this reaches you.

    Let me know if you foresee problems. Sorry for the long delay. Thanks,
    Fred Crowe
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    1. No worries. That works fine

  3. The oven was installed in the late spring of 2005. I was one of 6 who participated in the building of this oven. Alan was a wonderful man, always willing to listen and answer any question. Had the opportunity to help Alan build another oven in New Mexico later that year which gave me the confidence to build my own, check us out

    1. Hi Doug. That’s is wonderful thank you for the information. From your website Millstone Bread seems very popular. Would love to come out to Ontario one day to see your oven. Cheers!

      1. Just let us know if you do make it to Ontario, and I might just knock on your door one day, I’d love to have a look at your oven see how it’s doing. Cheers

  4. That would be most welcome Doug, anytime!

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