We are farmersdotter organics, Cawston, BC. Certified organic by PACS 16-464

  • Yve Kosugi @farmersdotter: Certified organic garlic farmer, wood-fired sourdough baker, original garlic scape salt maker. I like wine.
  • Morris Holmes @farmersdotter2: Certified organic garlic, wood-fired sourdough bread, original garlic scape salt, studio guest homes, handmade furniture.

Our passion is living life well and sustainable off our farm. No boss, no commute. We chronicle our activity because we want to share how our personal choices support our passion. One of which is our wood-fired oven breads. We are passionate about our naturally leavened breads that are made from certified organic ingredients. From stuff we grow in the ground, on our trees or simply source locally.  Wood-fired bread baked entirely without commercial yeast.

The benefits of naturally leavened bread over commercial yeast-risen bread are subtle yet substantial. Suffice it to say commercial yeast is designed to react very quickly and doesn’t allow sufficient time for enzymes to break down starch molecules. That means your digestive system must work very hard to finish the process of breaking down the starches and in some people that can lead to a bloated feeling. Hence the term gluten sensitivity. A naturally leavened bread like ours mitigates that demand on your digestive system and thus can be better tolerated.

A well made sourdough bread can be, for some but not all sensitive types, an alternative to the more dense and cardboard like gluten free bread. Is it really bread without gluten? Yes, we are biased.  We revel in the magic and beauty that is gluten. And butter. A lot of butter.

Something else: At farmersdotter organics we like change. Change for the better. We believe the best way to effect change is to vote with your wallet. You’ll hear us say from time to time that the “most powerful vote is the one in your wallet.” Every time you open up your wallet and pay for a product or service you make a vote. Yes, sign as many petitions as you can, lobby as much as you can, fight against the multinational food and chemical companies but, real and substantial change only occurs when you change somebodies bottom line. Take away or add to their profits and you will get noticed. Vote with your wallet.

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