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Freezer Bake 2014

If you reside anywhere from Osoyoos to Summerland and desire farmersdotter bread for the winter all you need do is PM us your order from this sites contact page or through farmersdotter facebook page . Like us on facebook too!
Anyway, please order before October 31. Include your email, phone number and an address for delivery with your order. We’ll work out the logistics but you’ll receive your fresh baked bread double bagged and ready to pop in the freezer, if you so choose. The bread will last well into the spring so no worries because we bake again for the first Penticton Farmers Market May 2, 2015
And just like at the Penticton Farmers Market each loaf is $6.50. There is no charge for delivery and there is no minimum order but priority will be given to folks with orders of six loaves and over. We’ll prearrange delivery with you but regardless plan to expect delivery on one of the first two Saturdays in November.
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On Bitterroots and TV Shoots

On Monday farmersdotter and I hosted the crew from Quest OutWest’s “Wild Food”. The programme observes the four food chiefs; Bear, Salmon, Saskatoon Berry, and Bitterroot, and explores the varieties, heritage, cultivation and preparation of each. Our focus was on bitterroot, representative of all root vegetables and in our case garlic.

The project began as the brain child of series host Tracey Kim Bonneau


Tracey Kim Bonneau
Tracey Kim Bonneau

…and is now in production for release on the APTN Network next year. The programme is about Aboriginal foods and their place in history, culture and modern times and intends to weave together threads about growing up Okanagan, family, community, culture and health.


The day began with the arrival of the crew at 8:00am who then promptly set about the task of preparing for the first scene.

Exterior Setup
Exterior Setup

Weather conditions for the most part were favourable for the exterior scenes and of course the interior scenes which took place in the bakery held few challenges, at least the crew made it look very easy.

Bakery Setup
Bakery Setup

Topics varied from the psychological trauma experienced in confronting an elderly cow in a root cellar to land stewardship. Who’d have thought all that from root veggies?

The shoot culminated with a wonderful root vegetable nicoise with tuna expertly prepared by culinary consultant Scot Roger.

Scot Roger
Scot Roger
Root Vegetable Nicoise Salad
Root Vegetable Nicoise Salad

farmersdotter and I want to thank the whole crew of Wild Food for a wonderful and informative experience. In particular producers Suzan Derkson and Darlene Choo and director Richard Flower who pulled everything together with calm and grace. Cheers!

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Sourdough Bread is Not the Culprit

We often, and several times each Saturday at the Penticton Farmers Market, are overheard answering some passers with “Sorry, our bead is not gluten free.”

Sourdough Breadmaking - Curtesy CBC
Sourdough Bread Making – Courtesy CBC

Like William Davis we would be cazillionaires if we jumped on the gluten free bread band wagon… only you can’t bake gluten free bread. Some try and some even achieve a modicum of success but for farmersdotter gluten free bread is something unauthentic. Akin to Barbie Dolls. While the idea is great it is somewhat unrealistic… and it tastes horrible too.Barbie Q - Courtesy

Barbie Q – Courtesy

So why is there this misunderstanding surrounding bread and gluten. Who or what is to blame. Perhaps William Davis with his book Wheat Belly is a good start. Holy schmoly what a money making machine that is.

Anyway, before you buy into the whole wheat schmelly belly thingy quickly look at the recent CBC article Sourdough Bread Making Cuts Gluten Content in Baked Goods

Like us we think you’ll begin to suspect commercial yeast and the commercial bread making process as the culprit. Its a Wonder they call that bread.

By the way the CBC article makes mention of baking bread for one hour at 500f degrees. Like holy hockey puck batman. We think it highly unlikely a baker would profess that. Although it is a strange and wonderful world out there.

Our oven averages 500f degrees. We steam the chamber twice in the first 10 minutes of baking and at 500f degrees the bread is in the oven for a total of 18 to 20 minutes tops. By that time it has reached an internal temperature of at least 210f degrees which is what you want. Anywhere between 210f-214f. Anything more than that is over baking. Period.

And depending on the type of bread we will also bake at or just below 450f degrees. Even at that low temperature, in our oven, our bread is fully baked within 23 to 25 minutes.

Always use an instant read thermometer to be sure. Remember an internal temperature of 210-214f degrees is all you need for fully baked bread. And occasionally dip your instant read thermometer in boiling water to check for accuracy. It should read 212f… just like your bread!

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The Answer is in Your Freezer

For our regular, loyal and very patient friends who have been inquiring where to get farmersdotters bread this winter after the Penticton Farmers Market closes for the season the answer is in your freezer.

farmersdotter has decided to do a freezer bake for early to mid November. The idea being you give us your bread order then we bake it! All nice and special like. Then we deliver your fresh baked bread directly to you at a predetermined place and time. How is that? We ask you contact us before the end of the month to ensure your order can be processed.

Singing Bread

Each loaf is $6.50. We won’t specify a minimum order however, since we will be delivering and given that our naturally leavened bread has a finite shelf life… Ever why that is? We would prefer to supply individual orders sufficient to necessitate the use of a freezer.

For this go round we ask you contact us and let us know what you would like for a bread order.  We will, fast like cat, respond to finalize delivery details.

So, if you can accept delivery between Summerland to Osoyoos and desire our delicious bread for an early November delivery then please contact us through our contact page or private message us on facebook. While you’re there please like us too.

Carrying on. We offer five varieties @ $6.50 per loaf:

  1. Similkameen Sourdough 640g
  2. Olive & Rosemary 600g
  3. Seeded Honey Rye 600g
  4. Flax to the Max 600g
  5. Raisin & Anise 600g

Our bread freezes very well especially following a few simple steps before loading up. First, securely double bag fresh bread by sealing a new bag over the bag the bread was delivered in. Then, wrap it again in foil or freezer paper. Simple. We will be supply extra bags if you require them.

You can even slice your bread prior to freezing and simply thaw as much or as little as you need. An effective way to reinvigorate thawed whole loaf bread is to place it onto a pizza stone in a preheated 350f oven for about ten minutes. This will bring back the crust.

farmersdotter suggests consuming the bread within four to six months after freezing.

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Slow Food

The Slow Food Canada National Conference this year is being held in Osoyoos April 25-28th at the Watermark Beach Resort

Slow Food - Thompson Okanagan
Slow Food – Thompson Okanagan

This is our first direct involvement with Slow Food and we’re really looking forward to participating at the Market of Taste on Saturday April, 27th. Several local producers will be sampling their products which will range from farmersdotter Bread and Habanero Brittle to produce and seafood.

And speaking of seafood, we have it on good authority that if you search out the Oyster Man and ask him nicely for a sample of his spectacular chowder chances are you may also be treated to some Similkameen Sourdough Bread to scoop it up!

While at the conference we recommend visiting Harker’s Organics display. Harker’s have a wealth of knowledge on organics in the Okanagan and have been farming in the region for five generations and the sixth generation is almost tall enough to pick apples!

The following Saturday, May 4th, sees the opening of the annual Penticton Farmers Market, 8:30am until at least noon – 100 block main street Penticton, BC