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When is the Right Time for Renewables?

If like me, you are a product of the fifties then you are also a Boomer and may have witnessed some notable events like the introduction of the Canadian Bill of Rights, the Avro Arrow briefly taking to the skies and Terry Fox bravely hitting the pavement, Expo 67 and our centenary.

It was a period when we all felt empowered by the effectiveness of civil disobedience.  We carried the fervour of anti-Vietnam War protests to our own backyard against the Amchitka Nuclear Tests.

Defining moments in our recent history.

Back then the overreaching concerns, two global issues that touched us all were the very real and terrifying concept of the Population Explosion and the sense of urgency to do something proactive about the evident decline of the stewardship towards our shared environment.

Green Peace Arctic Sunrise

Green Peace Arctic Sunrise

Why should any of this matter?

It matters because these issues haven’t gone away and their persistence is a kind of a report card on the Boomer’s success as resource managers of this planet.

If for example, we were as successful at understanding the fundamentals of exponential growth as we are at manipulating compound interest we would not be faced with the current dilemma of how seven billion humans can effectively share and manage the resources of the planet.

If we were as successful at managing our planet’s flora, fauna, and natural resources as we are at exploiting them then Green Peace frankly, would no longer exist.

So why did it take until now, when we can better estimate the finite inventory of precious fossil fuels remaining underground, to consider renewable energy as an affordable and viable alternative?

Compared to solar, wind, and tidal energy production, the oil & gas companies don’t put the effort into intensive mining, drilling, extracting, processing, transporting, and distributing fossil fuels because it is the path of least resistance. They do so because of profit. Greed at the expense of doing what is right. Besides, if labour is cheap enough does it really matter the amount of effort? Take the Great Pyramid or the Great Wall for example.

Curious that solar, wind and tidal exploration does not require exploratory leases to identify profitable patches of sunlight, strong breeze or coastline. Curious too that solar photovoltaic energy panels can harvest sunlight with no moving parts that require lubricating.

Solar Array at Farmersdotter Organics

Solar Array at Farmersdotter Organics

Question is, do we leave the remaining inventory of fossil fuel in the ground to be managed and admired like the  Giant Panda in the wild or like the Northern White Rhino, do we hunt it to the brink of extinction? Because let’s face it, fossil fuel supply is finite so it is not a question of if we adopt renewable energy but simply a matter of when.

Well, the time is ripe. Renewable energies are inevitable, affordable and simply the right thing to do. I just turned sixty and know there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

Failing Grade

Failing Grade

Unfortunately, the best any Boomer can take home from all this is a grade of C- for resource management and an F for effort.  But my grade school teacher would note there is always room for improvement.

You can’t call it a Verger.

Why do some vegan food recipes emulate carnivore recipes?

The sandwich in the above photo contains no meat, no juices, no glistening gristle, so do not disguise it as a hamburger. Fraud. Call it what it is; a lamb sandwich, the ‘m’ is silent. And for Pete’s sake lose the traditional burger bun. That’s ours too. Use bread. Any bread. A special bread specific for your la’m’b sandwich but, you can not call it a Verger. That’s too close and too low effort. Vegans the world over have made a choice and consequently must own it! If you’re going down the vegan road leave off the analogies and stop co-opting names like burgers, hot dogs, et al because those names all belong to us. Those names belong to the domain of the carnivore. Your domain is over there somewhere. Afterall, we don’t cut top sirloin into a perfect rectangle, coat it with high gluten flour and call it tofu. #OwnIt

farmersdotter organics promo

farmersdotter organics promotional video produced by the good and talented folks at ET2media

Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.

You want to grow garlic and now is the time.

Russian Red

Yeah, you just know deep down inside that garlic is the crop to get into. You know it and there ain’t nothing to convince you otherwise. Except you’re not entirely sure how to start.

Premium Consumer Garlic

Premium Consumer Garlic

You think to yourself no problem, ask a pro. There are a few weeks yet to get the garlic game on.

[Googley-woggle-clickity-click-tap]… ‘How To Grow Garlic’. [clickity-click-tap]… Now, who is growing the best stuff out there? [Clickity-click-clickity-tap]… Hi, You have no idea who I am but I came across your article and… [clickety-click-tap]… I was wondering if you could tell me, a total but well deserving stranger, all your… [clickety-click]… secrets on growing garlic…[tap]?

That ought to do it. Worth a try. I mean all they can do is say no right. Bastards… [tap]… ‘Send’

Listen, growing garlic organically or any ground crop for that matter, is first and foremost about the soil. It is important to understand the structure and quality of your soil and to always, this is important, always improve the health of your soil. You do that in part by adopting a crop rotation plan. Mandatory. ‘Rotation for the Nation’. It’s important. Imagine the words ‘Rotation for the Nation’ on an equatorial banner hugging Mother Earth then apply that shit to a t-shirt. #DragonsDen

You’re welcome.

Here is our best advice. Rotate crops every four years. Not three. Not two. Four. If you desire one acre of any one crop you must strive to have a minimum of four acres with which to work. 

Four one acre panels in organic rotation

Four panels (mid-top) in organic rotation at farmersdotter

Regardless, online articles about organic growing methods are numerous and for the most part much better at explaining than anything I could impart in a response email sent to you in the middle of the high season.

Check out university extension websites like UBC Wiki. Even some Provincial government sites are awesome as resources. Make it a habit to check out peer reviewed papers.  

Take sites like the Old Farmers Almanac with a huge pinch of salt. Eliminate crap like Food Babe (can’t summon the courage to provide a link).

Get past the myriad of science denying tin-foil-hat wearing chem-trail-lookout crack head sites that begin with a top ten list of unicorn sightings and end with a mason jar kombucha recipe. RUN!

In short, do your research and don’t ask the professional. Don’t ask unless they are a Youtube professional. Then it’s all fun and fair game. Youtube pros. Whatever. 

Anyway, professionals have paid their dues so to speak and don’t tell their hard won secrets easily.

Drying Racks

Drying garlic on Racks

Farmland is expensive and we need young farmers and their families to take up the gauntlet. Yet while we want to support Young Agrarians and their like, there is a value associated with our time, effort and knowledge. We ask you to respect that and humbly suggest you simply begin with an earnest attempt to certify your property with an accredited organic certifying body like those of the COABC. Who, by the way, will forever be your best resource for support and methodology. 


We are up and running smoothly with farmersdotter Studio Guesthomes. We are enjoying hosting guests, entertaining, and the stimulating conversation that comes with meeting new friends. There are two guest houses available to visitors, one we refer to Osprey and the other is called Owl. Both named for the birds of prey that frequent the property.


Owl Exterior

Owl Exterior

However, we are not one-hundred per cent complete. A few tasks have yet to be completed but nothing that will interfere with the overall experience of a staycation on the farm.

I am looking forward to writing a post mortem, a treatise to substantiate the completion of an activity that has consumed the past fourteen months of our lives.  I’m not convinced ‘complete’ is a concept fully embraced by the trades.

Osprey Interior

Osprey Interior

Here is the deal in one word: Patience

Underlined, italicized in bold and straight up in your face. Do not go past go without burning that word into the gray matter. Patience. And now, visualize a lineup of exclamation marks posterior waving stop signs like a coked-up bare-foot flag person on hot pavement.

Osprey Kitchenette

Osprey Kitchenette

Here is my issue: professionals adhering to my timeline. There is no doubt, as in our case, contractors of repute are capable, trustworthy and have the best intentions but simply stated shit happens.

Owl Deck

Owl Deck

When you commit to a project of hard hats and steel toed boots your challenge on a daily basis becomes one of controlling the amount of pooh that can rapidly develop. That and fostering a tolerance for excuses. Everything from natural disasters of biblical proportions to an uncanny regular occurrence of back, neck, shoulder, and bowel discomfort to family crisis and hangovers. Not to mention other ongoing construction needs taking resourses away from your project.

Owl Kitchenette

Owl Kitchenette

So here is my postmortem post but first I shall clear up a few projects. All I ask for is your patience.






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