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Handcrafted in the sunny Similkameen Valley using only certified organic garlic scapes from our farm and Canadian sourced ancient sea salt. Carefully blended in small batches then wood-fired and oven roasted in our farm bakery. Enjoy sprinkled on everything from steaks to popcorn.

Original Garlic Scape Salt 140g
Original Garlic Scape Salt 140g

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Two architecturally designed studio guest houses, Owl and sister unit Osprey are situated front and centre at Farmersdotter Organics, a certified organic garlic farm with Western Canada’s only built by Alan Scott wood-fired oven bakery and ideally located in the heart of the Similkameen Valley wine region and Canada’s organic farming capital.


15 responses to “Shop

  • Francois

    Thank you so much for you pice of sourdough bread yesterday it was very good and I had no problems with my digestion. I will be sure to come by and get more bread very soon.

    Have a good weekend.



  • Vernus Buss

    I bought the garlic scape this summer and love it. Going to get more.


  • katherine h.

    can I go to the farmhouse to buy bread?


  • katherine h.

    lllove the bread all of them!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Jennifer Bibby

    Hello, is there anywhere in Vancouver where I can buy your yummy garlic scape salt? I buy it every summer when in Naramata and I’ve run out,
    Thank you,
    Jennifer Bibby


    • farmersdotter2

      Hi Jennifer. Thank you for contacting us and we’re glad you like the salt. Yes, there are a few locations on the lower mainland:

      Bob’s Fruit Stand
      Beaucoup Bakery and Café
      Broadway International Wine Shop
      City Market – Arbutus
      City Market – Lonsdale
      City Market – Park Royal
      City Market – Whistler
      Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry
      Le Marché St. George
      Lepp Farm Market
      The Federal Store
      Your Independent Grocer – Davie Street

      For a complete listing of the outlets and links to their website please refer to the ‘Partners’ page on our website



  • Ann

    Where in Vancouver can I purchase your garlic scape?


    • farmersdotter2

      Hi Ann. The garlic scape is all used to make the original garlic scape salt. For a complete list of where our fresh garlic and garlic scape salt are available please refer to our Retail Partners tab on In North Vancouver, our products are available from Bob’s Fruit Stand and City Market – Lonsdale. Thank you!


  • Michael Douglas

    Is it possible to buy Garlic seed In April 2019. Probably too late, But if possible please let me know.


    • farmersdotter2

      Hi Michael. Good question and the answer depends on the zone you plant garlic. First of all, April is a little late for Spring planting. Spring planting in zone 7 or zones similar to Southern Vancouver Island should take place in late February to early March for a mid-fall harvest. Most garlic regardless of the zone is planted in the fall a few weeks prior to a hard frost and then harvested mid-summer. For example, at farmersdotter organics, we plant in the third week of September which is early but we like to get good root development. We then harvest the third week of July. Cheers, and thank you!


  • Dakota

    Is it possible to order this online? or is there anywhere in Kelowna BC you can get the garlic scape salt?


    • farmersdotter2

      Yes. You can order online by clicking any of the shop links. There are located on the top menu and on the top of the right menu. Also for a complete listing of our retail partners click the ‘Retail partners’ tab on the top menu. Thank you!


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