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Purchase Original Garlic Scape Salt

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Handcrafted in the sunny Similkameen Valley using only certified organic garlic scapes from our farm and Canadian sourced ancient sea salt. Carefully blended in small batches then wood-fired and oven roasted in our farm bakery. Enjoy sprinkled on everything from steaks to popcorn.

$9.00 each 140g pouch plus shipping & handling

Original Garlic Scape Salt 140g

Original Garlic Scape Salt 140g

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Two architecturally designed studio guest houses, Owl and sister unit Osprey are situated front and centre at Farmersdotter Organics, a certified organic garlic farm with Western Canada’s only built by Alan Scott wood-fired oven bakery and ideally located in the heart of the Similkameen Valley wine region and Canada’s organic farming capital.



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