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Prove Glyphosate is Safe

There is a yet another petition on and this one intrigues me. Similar to most petitions on ‘the worlds platform for change’ it is worded like a challenge: Health Canada: Prove glyphosate is safe.

Surprised that didn’t finish with two or three exclamation marks.

Obligatory Spray Shot
Obligatory Spray Shot

Anyway, to quote Tony Mitra, the author of the petition:

“…Glyphosate is the active ingredient in RoundUp and many other herbicides, and is the most used biocide in Canadian agriculture. Its safety has never been proven to the Canadian people… if [the government] has not sighted the safety test results, then it should cancel approval of Glyphosate, and ask the producer to provide this test results for scrutiny, and then disclose these results to the public, so these can be verified independently…”

The point being to prove via recognized scientific control standards that any input wether organic or not, is proven to be safe for human consumption.

All this time you and I along with most Canadians have been consuming produce that is, unless identified as certified organic, treated with glyphosate and collectively we have no idea what the long term effects are.

Are you f–king kidding me?

“Hey kid… have some candy”

Have Some Candy
Have Some Candy

As certified organic farmers we accept we must prepare for an annual audit where a section of that audit requires us to provide documentation of all inputs. As arduous as an C/O audit may be at the end of it there will exist a document that details our land stewardship, crop sustainability, and farming practices. Something which is not required of a conventional farmer.

A conventional farmer can, not that they do mind you… and hey look over there…candy, spray whatever shit they want in any amount they want for how ever long they want without being accountable to anyone. There is no mandatory  third party over sight for a conventional farmer.

So until that changes, yes Canada through our Minister of Health must protect Canadians with proof on the safety of glyphosate because the conventional farming industry won’t.

Consider this petition. Thanks! *off soapbox*

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Nip it in the Bud – Vote with your wallet

I have said it time and time again. Vote with your wallet. Be it Boycott, embargo or whatever, it works.  Money talks. We eat and drink to stay alive therefore we should eat and drink good things. Chlorpropham, or ‘Bud Nip’ is a bad thing and it should be avoided. We definitely should not be eating it and it definitely should be on your personal boycott list.

Bud Nip is virtually in all conventionally grown potatoes. It is also sprayed on kale, peaches, celery, broccoli, peppers, cucumbers, apples and God knows what else. Bud Nip is almost exclusively manufactured in mainland China so an effective personal boycott means selecting certified organic produce in place of produce sprayed with Bud Nip. Unfortunately this may have an adverse effect on conventional growers but eventually growers will adapt to market demands and products like Bud Nip will wane. This is a good thing.

I have witnessed potato crops being sprayed with Bud Nip. Believe me you do not want to be downwind. I have seen potato crops sprayed with defoliants and desiccants. Defoliants like ‘Reglone’ and ‘Redi-Pik’ are designed so a conventional grower can harvest a little earlier and not have to deal with foliage during harvest thus getting the product to market as quick as possible with little regard for quality. Purely profit driven. We are eating this stuff. Not good. Not good at all and it needs to stop. Vote with your wallet.

This brilliant young lady is a splendid example of what I mean: