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Shamless Self Promotion

Tomorrow Whole Foods Market РPenticton is having a Taste Of Christmas.  There will be an array of demos and Christmas goodies to try such as gluten-free cookies, coconut ice cream, coffee, teas, dairy free cheese, soups, chips, chocolate, apple cider and more.


(Following opinions are my own. Send all complaints directly to me… farmersdotter2 ūüėČ )

…I think there should be stand alone adjectives for things that are gluten or dairy free. By definition bread has flour. As do Cookies. If its gluten free it is neither bread nor a cookie.

As good as gluten free may be lets just call them something else. Brick and cardboard are taken but I’m sure there are unattached descriptors out there. Send me your suggestions.

Likewise for dairy free cheese. Dairy equals cow. Moo. Cow equals milk. Milk equals cheese. Ergo dairy equals cheese. To say dairy free cheese is to say there is a total absence of cheese in this product. Plastic is taken. So is Margarine. Once again your suggestions are welcome.

Margarine. We need more descriptors like margarine.  That way Gluten Free Bread and Dairy Free Cheese can be identified by one adjective. When you hear margarine you know what you are in for. You know for example it is not butter. You should know it is predominantly hydrogenated oil.

Most margarine contain hydrogenated oil. Not always a good thing. Margarine that does not contain¬†hydrogenated oil are only less not a good thing. Butter in moderation or home made mayonnaise are possibly healthier and definitely better tasting choices than margarine. I am not a nutritionist. I know squat. So don’t listen to me.

Any who, farmersdotter will be sampling her real bread and for the first time her Habanero Brittle at Whole Foods Market – Penticton. And yes, the Habanero Brittle is made with butter. And Pumpkin seeds or pepitas. The taste is fabulous with sweet heat and little risk for nut allergies.

Habanero Brittle Floe
Habanero Brittle Floe
Habanero Brittle
Habanero Brittle