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Paying Tribute. Almost. Alan. Call Me.

We are having a blast at the Penticton Farmers Market. So gratifying making new friends and looking forward to serving them each week as a casual vendor. That is our descriptor: Casual Vendor. We are allowed to participate each and every week but we do not yet enjoy the ‘rewards’ of membership. The waiting list for that is long. It will take several unfortunate accidents… some time before we achieve market maturity. This is a long winded explanation/apology to our friends as to why after saying “Yes, we are here every Saturday” we won’t. Be. On Saturday.

We, (me) were warned a couple of weeks ago from a certain Market Organizer, (won’t name names here) that to allow space for the annual Peach City Beach Cruise some casual vendors might be bumped for the day. Well, we were warned again yesterday. Ya’ don’t need to tell me twice.  Although maybe in this case you did. Warned me I mean. Twice. So yeah, in all likelihood we will not be there this Saturday, June 23. We apologize. Sorry. We will make room for some… old Ford. Chevy. Or Ferrari. So while we are the real deal with real bread *insert wild applause sound track here* you can instead take in some tribute artist…

and some exquisite cars too.

Shelby - Photo by Ed Davies
Shelby – Photo by Ed Davies

Exquisite. Yes. Very Nice. And of course the Penticton Farmers Market with all the superb farm fresh produce and meats, crafts, and baked goods minus one will be there. As usual. As it should be. Yup. Seriously, if you are anywhere near Penticton this weekend the Peach City Beach Cruise is a must see. Very popular. Very. I got land for sale. Call me.