What People Say

  • “I just finished your garlic scape salt and I must have more. It may just be the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted.” Lisa from Kelowna
  • “I have spoken so highly of you several friends want some bread too” – Karen from Oliver
  • “Love your bread and it never gives me that bloated feeling ever. So yes this article explains it very nicely!! Can’t wait to pick up more of your bread at Penticton Farmers Market.” Janice from Facebook
  • “I live in Texas and am having a hard time enjoying food since I licked the last specks of dust from the garlic scape bags I bought in Penticton. Helen from… Texas
  • “We were just talking about how beautiful the garlic is from you yesterday!” Laurelle from Alberta

  • “Your Garlic Scape Salt is addicting. Looking forward to this year’s batch!” – Carolyn from Facebook
  • This garlic scape salt is the best seasoning! I love itAshley from Facebook
  • My husband loves your garlic scape salt… maybe a little too much.” Laura from Facebook
  • “The garlic we purchased from you last year is of the very highest quality in almost every possible way. The cloves and bulbs are nice size, disease free, strong potency, great flavor, dried properly and cured properly which allows for long storage with high quality garlic available through a good portion of the year. Because the drying and curing process was done to high standards and controls your garlic is still very fresh with less than 5% spoilage.” – March 23, 2013 – Louis from Prince George

3 responses to “What People Say

  • morrisholmes

    We really appreciate our efforts towards the drying and curing of the garlic being recognized. For our garlic to remain viable until early spring, as mentioned above, it requires diligent and proper storage handling on the part of the client. Something we can not control nor take credit for.


  • Robyn

    The Pink Grapefruit And Candied Lemon Peel… DEvine!!


    • morrisholmes

      Thank you! We think the unique candied lemon peel flavour really comes through well. The key is lots of fruit, little sugar and no pectin. Towards the end of the month the damson plums will be coming off. farmersdotter makes a damson plum with cardamom preserve that is magnificent as a spread on toast and even as a roasting glaze for meats. Cheers!


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