Keeping it Simple

On a recent comment to farmersdotter Facebook page someone wrote:

“Food prices have gone up everywhere” and suggested to “Buy whole foods and cook them yourself.” Finally noting “There are huge savings in avoiding junk food.”

Insightful comments that we take to heart.

When you consider the nutritional bang for your buck in a box of Froot-Loops we have never understood the argument that fresh food especially fresh organic food is too expensive. And consider too we have to import this junk. What kind of impact does that have?

So given the current price of fresh produce our fear is some folks will turn more towards processed food as a solution when now more then ever we simply need to buy local and buy what is in season.

Keep it simple

Do we really need to import from California or Florida and beyond in January? Do we really need to import at all? For a number of years now we have relied upon importing massive quantities of produce.

It wasn’t that long ago when importing on such a scale was impractical. Remember when tomatoes weren’t always perfect and oranges were a luxury most of the year? Most of the year you couldn’t find a pineapple to save your life and kiwi fruit was unheard of. Produce had a season much the same way as Japanese mandarins still do. But thanks to China, hybridizing, and genetic engineering mandarins and their derivatives with origin unknown are available year round.

Makes you wonder where all this demand is coming from. Are consumers really demanding of such a wealth of variety or is it by virtue of the wealth of variety that the demand is created. Either way it is massive and ultimately unsustainable.

We are quick to overlook the tremendous infrastructure required to support the variety and choice of the perfect symmetrical specimens we have come to expect. Must it be so? In light of the severe water shortage in the produce growing regions of the USA, especially in California this situation is not going to correct itself anytime soon. Even if it did, lets say California had all our water, should we expect we can continue to rely upon importing so much food? We don’t think so. Lets keep our water and use it wisely.

If the demand were to shift we think locally grown meat and veg supplemented with grown in BC product would be more than sufficient. The produce would not be perfect. Not always. You would have to accept the occasional knobbly carrot and imperfect apple that will and should brown when cut open.

Maybe there are people in areas of the world not as fortunate as us. They may not have the where-with-all to cut the import umbilical and subsist on their own. However, there are  people in many diverse areas who can and do. As harsh as it may sound we can not be overly concerned about those in far flung places. Not right now.

Right now we are concerned for our community. Doing what we can to ensure we and our family farms are sustainable going forward. It was the way it used to be and somehow our parents, grand-parents, and elders all made it through. We will too if we keep it simple.

Dig Deeper

I wonder if CBC made any profit off this recent story headlined:

Government Funds Video to Help Farmers Combat Anti-GMO Movement

Farmers near Spalding, Saskatchewan harvest their crop for 2015. (Bonnie Allen/CBC News)

Farmers near Spalding, Saskatchewan harvest their crop for 2015. (Bonnie Allen/CBC News)

What? Anti GMO is anti farmer. pfft. This is a headline crafted to mislead consumers into thinking the anti GMO movement is a militant sect worthy of eradicating in battle like indiscriminately ridding a crop pest with glyphosate. Screw collateral damage.

Bollocks. We are certified organic farmers. My neighbours are certified organic farmers and we are all anti GMO. Point a can of roundup at us and yes we will go all militia on your ass.

The point: The point people is who is SaskCanola and who funded them?

For crying out loud CBC dig deeper. Even if GMOs were proved safe. Safe for consumption and safe for the environment. Safe from wind and the forces of nature, who benefits from the sale of GMO and its spinoff industry? That alone could be the issue regardless of any environmental and health complications. For the sake of good journalism everywhere follow the bread trail to the end. Shame on CBC for reporting this not-so-cleverly disguised commercial for big ag.

Seriously. That is what it is. An advert.

And nothing against CBC’s esteemed science expert Dr. Joe, as he is affectionately known but his quote at the end of this article about what labelling should state is “some components are derived from genetically-modified plants, but there no is chemical difference.” Are you f*cking kidding me? Qualify a label statement? Thats not a label thats coercion. This from a scientist who has a concurrent career as a radio host, newspaper columnist and part time amateur magician. pfft.

Let me tell you. All farmers are very concerned about GMO. From those big guys in Saskatchewan who may be in too deep or are drinking too deep from big Ag’s Kool-Aid trough to those of us in the certified organic sector, we are all sick about it.

In part we at farmersdotter trust in the several independent Buy Local movements to further the case of food awareness. This whole issue would go away with greater awareness about food provenance. No one corporation can have a monopoly on food or water for that matter. Simply stated the ever expanding world does not need GMO to feed it. Then why is big Ag putting so much effort into its development? I can tell you it is not altruism.

Peter’s YIG in Kelowna

Hey Kelowna peeps Original Garlic Scape Salt is now available for you at Peter’s Your Independent Grocer – Kelowna our only outlet in Kelowna. ‘Bout time. Phew!

Peter's YIG - Kelowna

Peter’s YIG – Kelowna

Owner Peter Boyd and deli manager Jody are retail foodies.farmersdotter and I were quite taken with their sincerity as they are passionate about profiling local food and local food producers.

They both really go out of their way to understand the origins of everything they have on offer and we are convinced Kelowna has a gem with Your Independent Grocer.




farmersdotter wishes you the best seasoning ever! That is why between now and December 23, 2015 we are offering 30% off all Original Garlic Scape Salt orders to anywhere in this fine country of ours. To receive the 30% discount please add the discount code HOHOHO in the discount code field once you are at the check out. Happy Holidays and the best of the season to you. Cheers!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.09.29 AM

Heres the Thing

According to the headline of a recent CBC news article “Bumblebee exposure to neonic pesticides can lead to poorer crops.

Well duh!

Heres the thing.

Chemical use in farming has been around long enough we consider it ‘conventional’…

Think about that.

We actually refer to methods of farming which include the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and genetically modified organisms, in other words the rape and pillage of the soil as conventional farming.

And… AND we’ve been doing this for generations.

So what does that make organic farming? Unconventional.

The arrogance.

Hansel & Gretel at Big-Chem's House

Hansel & Gretel at Big-Chem’s House

This is how far we have followed the bread crumbs as hand-in-hand big-chem and big-ag lead us down the labyrinth to a new norm which is to say their norm which is now a convention.

Would you like fries with that?



The convention that we need big-ag for our very survival is preposterous. A myth. A horrible myth designed to feed the coffers of stake holders not the growing population it is purported to serve.

Think about it.

Is it so unreasonable to think big-chem and big-ag companies could be duping us rubes into thinking they are more altruistic then profit driven?

Feed the world? Jees, feed their f–king pocketses. Yesss my preciousss, yessssssss.

Conventional farmers rely in part upon the promised yields supplied by seed vendors. Seeds which the vendors say will be optimized only when used in conjunction with their amendments like synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs.

Yet these promised yields fail to achieve.

Seed vendors response, like dirty old men is to offer up more candy. More seed. More toxins.

Insane. More is not better. It is waste. Greedy waste.

Fact: Monsanto, accounts for almost 23% of the global proprietary seed market.

If a multinational oil company had a 23% stake in the car selling business would they sell you a Prius?

Think about it.

The end result is after generations of conventional farming our fertile farmland has been mined to the point of soil erosion. Vicious, vicious cycle. This has a knock on effect to the air we breathe, the water we drink not to mention the crap we put in our mouths.

Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process that adversely affects topsoil through pressures associated with poor farming practices.

So for the conventionally minded farmer the only immediate solution is to continue applying more and more conventional inputs. It would take several years, time the farmer can not afford to spend, to organically remediate the soil back to fertility.

Conventional farming is to the soil like smoking is to the lungs.

No matter how benign, how cool, how stress reducing smoking was purported to be we now know different.

And right now the parallels between big-ag and cigarettes are remarkable. They are both predominantly marketed in emerging economies just like they were in North America fifty years ago.

Think on that.

So the bottom line is we are ingesting suspected and or proven carcinogenic chemicals if according to the dirty old men of seed vendors your carrot will be vastly improved and healthier through the use of their miraculous chemical products.

Would it not follow that the same carrot might have a trace, a wee trace of the same f–king chemicals by the time we eat it?

Think about it.

And if not why use the chemicals in the first place?

Baaaaa baaaaa baaaaa




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