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New Look for the Scape Salt

farmersdotter Original Garlic Scape Salt has a new look. The top-secret, proprietary recipe for the Scape Salt hasn’t changed, that will never change.

No, only the packaging has changed. The home for those wonderful little granules that farmersdotter has been pushing on you for a few years now.

New Packaging for Scape Salt

New Packaging for Scape Salt

Gone is the 125 ml Bernardin style canning jar. We are kind of sorry to see that go. The old canning jar was solid, folksy, durable and most importantly it was reusable.

Welcome the foil pouch. Less folksy but also less bulky and certainly much lighter which means less weight for shipping. Less weight for Canada Post. That is a good thing because Canada Post isn’t getting any younger. Arthritic joints and all…

Come to think of it the resealable foil pouch is reusable too, yeah? Wouldn’t recommend you reuse it for jam or anything like that. No, more akin to plastic yoghurt tubs. Yeah, definitely not as folksy as a canning jar.

Regardless, the incentive to change the packaging was driven by retailers who are more and more curious about the Scape Salt and want to stock it on their store shelves. We like that. We encourage that. But it means we must comply with all those regulatory things grownups have to deal with. Silly grownups.

Anyway, we hope you like the new look for the Scape Salt. Let us know either way.


Boy You Guys Sure Are Lucky!

We get that a lot. When friends visit the farm for the first time we get “Boy you guys sure are lucky!” Seems weird that at age 56 luck should figure so prominently. Luck is for the less experienced, gamblers, and those with a penchant for casting their fate into the ether.

Of course what our friends mean is they acknowledge what we have. The farm. The farm thingys. The lifestyle and the freedom that comes with it. At this point I should make it clear that farmersdotter is younger than I. Not to do so would be unlucky.

Anyway, after several years working for the man options were weighed and the decision was made to pursue a different lifestyle. Other opportunities were present and opting for this farm was a conscience choice. Fortunate? Maybe. Lucky? Not so much.

Why mention this at all? Well, it goes to our philosophy of voting with your wallet. Consider what spending your hard earned store of labour means. Simply, it is a the value of your labour in return for the real cost of acquiring a benefit. Both values must be deemed fair and equal by both parties involved.

As the saying goes ‘we work hard for our money’ and its expenditure should be carefully weighed to ensure it is spent on commodities and services deserving of our efforts. If we decide we just have to have “that” then we calculate the store of labour invested in producing “that”. If the calculation says “that” isn’t fair and equitable then we barter. If bartering doesn’t work then we find “that” somewhere else or go without.

There we just voted with our wallet. We said the value isn’t with you but it might be with someone else. A little harsh but we’re talking about 56 years of accumulated store of labour here. Ain’t going to give it away. Too much respect for that.

In calculating the store of labour we consider the producer’s labour practices, environmental management policies and overall ethics. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. No ticky no laundry.

Would we invite an unethical producer into our home for a Coke? No. We don’t buy Coke. We don’t buy anything made by Coke. We calculate we don’t like Coke. No ticky.

We do buy fair trade organic coffee. Would you like organic cream and my neighbour’s organic honey with that?

End of the Season

At the end of the season it is wonderful to look back, reflect and simply enjoy. One wonderful moment from last season was the infamous hail storm that past through the valley at the end of May. In its wake it left a magical double rainbow that farmersdotter was able to capture. Happy Thanksgiving and cheers!

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow



Freezer Bake 2014

If you reside anywhere from Osoyoos to Summerland and desire farmersdotter bread for the winter all you need do is PM us your order from this sites contact page or through farmersdotter facebook page . Like us on facebook too!
Anyway, please order before October 31. Include your email, phone number and an address for delivery with your order. We’ll work out the logistics but you’ll receive your fresh baked bread double bagged and ready to pop in the freezer, if you so choose. The bread will last well into the spring so no worries because we bake again for the first Penticton Farmers Market May 2, 2015
And just like at the Penticton Farmers Market each loaf is $6.50. There is no charge for delivery and there is no minimum order but priority will be given to folks with orders of six loaves and over. We’ll prearrange delivery with you but regardless plan to expect delivery on one of the first two Saturdays in November.


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