We are farmersdotter organics – Cawston, BC.

Certified organic by PACS 16-464

  • Yve Kosugi @farmersdotter: Certified organic garlic farmer, wood-fired sourdough baker, original garlic scape salt maker. I like wine.
  • Morris Holmes @farmersdotter2: Certified organic garlic, wood-fired sourdough bread, original garlic scape salt, studio guest homes, handmade furniture.

Our passion is living life well and sustainable off our farm. No boss, no commute. We chronicle our activity because we want to share how our personal choices support our passion. One of which is our wood-fired oven breads. We are passionate about our naturally leavened breads that are made from certified organic ingredients. From stuff we grow in the ground, on our trees or simply source locally.  Wood-fired bread baked entirely without commercial yeast.

The benefits of naturally leavened bread over commercial yeast-risen bread are subtle yet substantial. Suffice it to say commercial yeast is designed to react very quickly and doesn’t allow sufficient time for enzymes to break down starch molecules. That means your digestive system must work very hard to finish the process of breaking down the starches and in some people that can lead to a bloated feeling. Hence the term gluten sensitivity. A naturally leavened bread like ours mitigates that demand on your digestive system and thus can be better tolerated.

A well made sourdough bread can be, for some but not all sensitive types, an alternative to the denser and cardboard like gluten-free bread. Is it really bread without gluten? Yes, we are biased.  We revel in the magic and beauty that is gluten. And butter. A lot of butter.

Here is the deal. The best way to effect change is to vote with our wallet. Every time we open up our wallet we are essentially making a vote endorsing a product or service. We can sign petitions, we can lobby for change, and we can resist multinational food and chemical companies but real and substantial change only occurs when we can change someone’s profits. Change their bottom line then we will get noticed because this is the only language they understand, The most powerful vote to effect change is to #VoteWithYourWallet.

20 responses to “Welcome!

  • Sheri

    Hi this is Violet from Pinterest just wanted a way to communicate and ask you questions I live in Southern Alberta not tooo far away anyways just a hello

  • maureen

    Do you sell bread out of your shop?

    • morrisholmes

      At this point we are not set up for retail sales off the farm. Something we may consider for the future. For now with just the two of us we have our hands full as it is. Is direct purchasing from a farm something you would consider. Thank you for your interest.

  • maureen

    Thank you for your response.As i live in Keremeos and don’t often go to Penticton direct purchasing would interest me.

    • morrisholmes

      We will pop by Value Plus and discuss the possibility of them stocking our bread. Next time you are there perhaps you could mention it as well. Cheers!

  • maureen

    I will certainly do that next time i am in there.M

  • Phyl

    LOVE the Habanero Brittle!!!

    • morrisholmes

      Hi Phyl,

      We LOVE that you love the Habanero Brittle. Thank you so much. We will be delivering Brittle to Whole Foods and the Bench Market this Friday.

      Also, we anticipate returning to the Penticton Farmers Market for the opening May 4, 2013. Cheers!

  • Lee Ann Openshaw

    Recently introduced to your scape salt. Love it! Would like to purchase some for Chrismas presents. Where can I do this?

    Lee Ann (live in Oliver)

    • morrisholmes

      Hi Lee Ann. The Scape Salt can be purchased in Penticton from the BC-VQA Wine Store and also from the Bench Artisan Market. We can also arrange for you to pick it up from our farm in Cawston. email: farmersdotterorganics@gmail to make arrangements. Thanks!

  • Lillian H Potter

    Hi – do you ship the garlic scape salt to the U.S.? We got some this summer while visiting family in Penticton and we loved it – and now we are almost out. 🙁 Thanks, Lillian

    • farmersdotter2

      Hi Lillian, Thank you for contacting us and loving the garlic scape salt. Unfortunately, we are not able to sell directly to the United States but if you are ever up our way again please pop by for a visit. We’d love to give you a farm tour and show you our operation. All the best! Morris & Yve.

  • Lillian H Potter

    Thanks, will do! In the meantime, I’ll get my in-laws to smuggle some in when they visit. 🙂

  • Daimon Knight

    Telling people in Montreal, QC about y’all. We will see how convincing I was. Love your website!

  • robyn

    You used to sell your salt at Your Independent Grocer at Capri Mall in Kelowna. Last 2 times I could not find it. Do you still sell it here or only from your website. Thank you we love it!

    • farmersdotter2

      Thank you for your comment Robyn. Yes, we believe they do sell the salt and they are the sole partner in Kelowna. You can visit the ‘Partners’ tab for a list of retail partners and of course you can purchase online from the ‘Buy’ tab. Hope that helps thank you for loving the salt. Cheers!

  • Cindy Hall

    Good Morning, quick question for you…I have just purchased a bag of your Garlic Scape Salt while visiting BC. Do you put it into a grinder or use as is? Very excited to give it a try.

    • farmersdotter2

      Hi Cindy. Thank you so much for trying out the Garlic Scape Salt. The quick answer is both. Most of the time we like using it as is. The texture of the coarse grind we find appealing on tomatoes, salads, egg, etc but grinding the Scape Salt for purposes like corn on the cob and popcorn works well too. One of our favourite uses for the coarse grind is as a meat rub. A little sprinkled over a resting steak is fabulous. Love to hear which grind works well for you and your favourite ways to use the Garlic Scape Salt. Cheers!

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